It is the intent of HDP to actively scout and vet eligible veterans honorably discharged from the armed forces and provide them, and any qualifying immediate family members, with transitional housing.


HDP will offer a unique blend of traditional and non-traditional forms of PTS counseling and training programs. These programs will be geared towards empowering veterans with the knowledge and skills needed to learn healthy and productive coping methods that may lead them on their journey of healing from the traumatic experiences of combat and/or Military Sexual Trauma (MTS).


CPT is a therapy that focuses on the thoughts and feelings for PTS and related conditions.

CPT is effective in treating PTS across a variety of populations, including veterans. CPT has worked well for veterans who have experienced combat, sexual, or childhood trauma, as well as other types of traumatic events.

CPT provides a way to understand why recovery from traumatic events has been difficult and how symptoms of PTS affect daily life. The focus is on identifying how your traumatic experiences changed your thoughts and beliefs, and how your thoughts influence your current feelings and behaviors.

An important part of the treatment is addressing ways of thinking that might keep you “stuck” and get in the way of your recovery from symptoms of PTS and other problems.

CPT consists of approximately twelve weekly therapy sessions in either individual or group settings.